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Established in 1990 to save McKee Botanical Garden, IRLT continues to protect important natural resources in our community.

With your support we will continue to promote the conservation and preservation of land and water in Indian River County, Florida.

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2017-18 IRLT Annual Report
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Jan. 17, 2019
A Walk Through Bee Gum Point: Indian River Land Trust Works To Preserve Natural Habitat
Featuring IRLT's Ken Grudens and Tania Ortega-Cowan of WQCS.
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In Pursuit of Diamondback Terrapins
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Fishing For Data
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IRLT Newletter - Landmarks Winter 2018
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Bird Watching

May 11, 2019 - 7:00 AM
Amateurs and experienced birders are invited to grab a cup of coffee and head to the Land ...

Conservation tours are proudly sponsored by: Rehmann

Making a Difference

The Indian River Land Trust Ladies of the Lagoon: Support, sponsor, and fund stewardship of the life within our local ecosystem. The ladies emphasis is the Lagoon, its water quality and interconnectivity with the surrounding land. Learn More about how to become a member and to donate.

Indian River Land Trust offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, see our IRLT Volunteer Information. Thank you for your interest!

The Indian River Land Trust assists landowners in planning for the stewardship of their properties to preserve the landscape. We provide a number of programs for landowners interested in working with us to protect their lands in perpetuity while providing support to the ongoing conservation efforts of our community.

Over 900 acres in Indian River County, 8 miles of Lagoon shoreline, 7 acres of fresh water ponds, 2 family-friendly nature preserves open to the public, 370 species of birds, 685 species of fish Your efforts, your dedication, your persistence. Our appreciation, gratitude and thanks.